Dr CYJ hair filler; A big YES

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It was the worst nightmare I could have. I woke up and all I could see on my pillow was here. At first I thought it’s okay might be it just happened once. But then it became a daily routine watching my hair on pillow, on the floor, in food, and in shower as well. While having shower as the water would flow over my head so would hair flow and fall with the water as well. It was literally giving me a mini heart attack. Whatever was happening was not really good and I did not appreciate it at all. I went to my doctor and she said that after giving birth a woman’s hormones changes which can cause hair fall in woman sometimes.To prevent such loss, sometimes people need a hair filler like dr cyj hair filler to stop hair fall.

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Sooner I realized motherhood was all about sacrifices. Nausea, pain, stretch marks, sleepless nights and now hair fall. I already started feeling that I no longer look good and this thought was hitting me inside. My husband realized it and asked me if there was anything i would like to share and I said I am feeling I am already getting old. And he laughed at my thought and told me it was not end of the world. We are living in 21st century and there are solutions available to every problem,

I realized yes he was so right. So I started looking for solutions. I was losing my hair so rapidly that I did not have time to go for home remedies or oils as their results appear very slow. I decided why not go for hair fillers. Everyone uses them these days. Now problem was which one should I go for? I picked Dr CYJ hair filler and I ordered it from hyaldirect a well known online store. I did not tell my husband because I wanted to surprise him.

I booked an appointment and got the gel injected. Within few days the resulted started appearing and before I could notice my husband did and he said if I am doing anything with my hair. I told him yes I did. My hair literally stopped falling and they were growing thicker as well. I could not be more happier than this.

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